• Henriette Sjölund

When Large is my new fit.

Yesterday was restday. Today was not. Did a curcuit at the gym that kicked ass. I love that the trainers at my gym know me and my strenght. They bring the same weights as normal. We all know that if I can’t do something I’ll tell them and if I need to go easy, I say so. Simple as that. Beeing pregnant is not an excuse to reduce weight or intensity, as long as your body feels good just go for it, the puls, sweat and endorphins. I have chosen to change my way when I feel something is uncomfortable or gives me pain. Not before. My body is used to hard work and there is nothing wrong with keeping that up as long as you and your body is happy. With that said my first three months of the pregnancy felt very different. Then everything felt uncomfortable, I felt sick all day and I was over thinking everything. So happy that’s not the case anymore.

I bought some new sport bra/tops today. Size Large is my new fit. For me it’s important to feel good and hopefully look my best at the gym and with this growing body I realised my wardrobe needed a light make over. I wanna feel great in my clothes when I start my session, after I usually look like a troll! But that‘s a good sign of a session that kicked ass. And kicking ass-sessions are best friends with results, so I’ll take a troll any day of the week!