• Henriette Sjölund

Sunday scones

The rain has been poring down all day here in London. That ment one more day with family chill at home. Gabriels football match was cancelled because of the weather so the whole family ate Sunday breakfast together. At the kitchen table. I have to admit we don’t eat many meals together in the kitchen. Because of how both Andreas and I have been working all years it has been very hard to create a meal routin that include us all. The way we do works for us, but at the rare occations we sit together it`s nice. I have many good memories from the kitchen table in my own childhood. The whole family sitting down and just talk about anything and everything. Because we all were home I decided to do scones as an extra Sunday treat. The result, so tasty!

Here comes the recipe:

16 scones

  • 5dl flauvor

  • 2dl oats

  • 4dl milk (lactose free)

  • 4 table spoons of butter

  • 4 tea spoons of vanilla sugar

  • 2 tea spoons of bakingpowder

  • 1 scoop of protein pancake powder

Melt the butter. Mix all the dry ingridients. Add milk and the butter. Mix for hand. Drizzle a little oil on the baking pan before you add the scones. I used a table spoon to get my scones to the pan. Straight from the bowl. No one said they had to be round, right.

Preheat the oven to 220C. Bake for 15min.