• Henriette Sjölund

Smashed it!

On my way to the gym today I was a bit worried about my upcoming session. Have had some pain in my pelvis since Monday from an exersice I did with my teachers. It’s like that when you train beeing pregnant. Sometimes you don’t know what works before you try. This exersice I wont do again. Now I know that. Any whoo. I was worried this would effect my training cause I really was pumped for giving my all. The instructor prepared the circuit and I gave him a heads up I may have to change some movement if something feels uncomfortable. We get going and everything works perfectly and I give it my all. A perfect curcuit! That kind that swipes of all make up as you can see in my post-pic. No pain, not the bad one I mean. Muscle pain for sure, love, fighting spirit and sweat. The way I like it.

This was the set up:

  • Ball slams to wall left/right

  • Kettlebell deadlift with resistance band on hip

  • Viper press from toes

  • Dumbbell burpees with standing press and one arm lift in plank position

  • Kettlebell swings

45 sec work per station x 2

Rest between the two rounds

Total time 20 min

This is a workout I definitely will do again by myself. High puls, full body and good muscle work if you press your comfort zone. Try it out!