• Henriette Sjölund

My mum, the reason I want a daughter.

Yesterday we found out that the 21 week old baby living inside of me is a girl. Having two boys already I have been very open with the fact that I hoped for a girl this time. Our last try, my last pregnancy and our last creation. This little darling was my last try for a daughter. Don`t get me wrong I would love a boy just as much. He would feel like a gift just as much as all my kids. But for me it would feel like a grief to not see a daughter grow up. Not because I want a "little princess" to accessorise or show of. No. I want to have the relationship and bond I have with my mum. I wanna dance, do cartwheels, I wanna see girly movies, go to spa weekends, I wanna be her rolemodel. Of course this is possible with boys as well, but my sons are very boy`ish and I love the deep relationship they have with their amazing dad. I love the bond and connection. When they talk football and that they wanna work at Quinyx just as their dad. I`m so happy for my husband that he has done so well in his role as a father and I feel so blessed that my children will grow up with a father that makes them feel they are his all. When I think of situations in my life were I have been sad, afraid or very happy my mum is the first person I think of. She`s the one I always go to. When I have left boyfriends she has been the first I have reached out to for advice or comfort. When big changes in life is a fact, she is the first I wanna tell. When I`m with her I feel like home, no matter were I am. She is my rock and my rolemodel. The reason I am the person I am. I wanna be that for my daughter. I wanna be able to become a mormor. That`s what we call a grandmother on the mothers side in Norway and Sweden. It might seem silly, but for me it`s special. I want to be everything my mum is for me. Of course I hope to be that for my boys as well, but the bond between a mother and a daughter is special. A dream has come true and I feel like the most blessed person in the universe.

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