• Henriette Sjölund

Homeowners again.

It`s Monday. I`m sitting by the kitchen table, in London. Outside it`s windy and raining. Cold. Yesterday I sat out on the porch on our new cabin in Sweden in shorts and a sportstop. Sweating. The kids are at school after a night with very little sleep. We came home very late last night. It`s gonna be an early night tonight. I have just eaten my breakfast. Delish! Eggs, mango, yellow peppers and avocado. I haven`t eaten a vegetable or fruit the whole weekend! Soon you`ll know why.

Todays breakfast

Thursday night we took the flight over to Sweden. Got to meet the kids new cousin for the first time. 3 weeks old. Natalie. So adorable. Soon I will hold my own little one tight. They are so tiny. Incredible how you forget how small they are. So dependent of care and love.

Friday was the day that we became homeowners again. We have bought an amazing cabin on an Island outside og Gothenburg in Sweden. Knarrholmen. It`s so peaceful and beautiful. A car-free Island. Our best London friends have a cabin here, that`s were we got the inspiration from. I can`t wait for all the memories we will create here. Not to talk about how close it`s to Oslo and my whole family and parts of Andreas family. It`s perfect for us. Living in London and not really knowing what our next destination will be or for how long we`ll be living abroad it feels good to have a base in Scandinavia. Close to friends and family.

Nathaniel, Grandma and cousin Emilia

Moving out to a car-free Island is not the easiest thing to do. Friday started with a visit to Ikea, picking up furniture we had ordered and buying even more. We have the intension on letting the cabin out when we`re not there ourselves, so we needed to have everything to get the cabin "up and running". When you need to rent a ferry to take over a car and we live in another country with me being very pregnant it`s not like "we can get that later". We`re doing this NOW! The idea of food for the weekend was something that we didn`t have the privilege of focusing on. We bought what Ikea could offer. Waffles, pancakes, meatballs, cinnamon buns, cookies, cheese, hardbread and some ham. That would have to do for the weekend. Not one veggie or fruit.

After a very hectic weekend with getting an empty, but very beautiful cabin feel like a home, a car stranded at the Island, a lot of help from friends, builders and family (forever thankful), happy and helpful kids, non stop grind, a messed up back, a moment in the sun, a cinnamon bun and chat with helping family, a suitcase forgotten on the Island, a ferry driving back to the Island to pick up the suitcase, a dinner in Gothenburg before we headed back to London I now sit here, by my kitchen table and feel I didn`t really had the time to take it all in this weekend. It will need to come now, moments were I just let myself go back in my mind. Moments of appreciation.

I don`t know when I will be able to come here next time. The little one living inside me is due to see the world in 6-7 weeks. And then it will take time for her to get a passport. I hope to get at least one week here at the end of the summer before the boys start school again. That would be amazing.

All in all I feel very happy and I`m proud of what Andreas and I are capable of. We`re a team that get the job done. Even though it`s not always the straightest or the easiest way, we always get there, somehow. We have done it again. A new chapter of our lives has begun. Maybe the best move we have ever done.