• Henriette Sjölund

Henriette, my story

When I was home in Oslo during easter I bought a book that one of my favorite training role models has written. Funkygine. "Sterk utenpå, Sterk inni" is the name of the book. "Strong on the outside, Strong on the inside" if I would make a direct translation. It`s a personal training book that I strongly recommend to my Norwegian friends, you can only buy it in Norway. While reading it and discover more of my role models background it gave me the idea of doing my own blog update letting you know who I am. Not that I take for granted that you are interested, but if you are feel free to dig in. I always love to get to know a persons background. That gives me answers that I might have been wondering about. The past often explain actions and emotions in the presence. I like to say that if I can understand a persons behavior I can easier accept it. I`m very happy about having this view of other people. I won't say that I never judge, cause I do, but it makes me less judgmental. So here we go, a bigger piece of me.

I was born in Oslo, Norway 13th of June 1983. That makes me soon to be 35 years old. It wasn`t just me born that day. 17 minutes before me, my sister was born, Benedicte. We are identical twins. We also have a brother that`s 4 years older than us, Jonas.

Mum and dad met eachother at the age of 15-16 years old and has been together ever since, as far as I know. Lillan and Ole Per. We grew up in the same apartment as my dad did in central Oslo, St Hans haugen. I love that apartment. A dream that I will never let go of is to buy that apartment back some day. Mum and dad moved out of Oslo 10 years ago.

I would say growing up as a twin made my social life easy. It seems like it`s a big deal with twins. I would say I had a typical happy childhood. Benedicte and I did everything together. Together with some good friends. Not many, I still have the same group of friends in Norway from my childhood. If my sister didn`t wanna start a sport it was out of the question for me to do it by myself. The downside of beeing a twin I guess. Sometimes it felt like we were one, so even though we were two we still wanted a friend to join if we did something new.

I more or less have always had a boyfriend. From the age of 7. Despite this I see myself as an independent person.

From the age of 12 I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser and that is what I became. Working for the same company, Adam & Eva in Norway for 5 years, between the ages of 15-20. I started out as a "helper" a couple of days a week while I still was in school and continued as a hairdresser when I finished my studies. I have had every hair style and color there is. If my hairdresser dream wouldn`t exist I would have joined the military. If my life would have looked different at 18 years old that is what I wanted. I have always loved a challenge I guess.

When I was 15 I started training in a gym. Earlier in life I had done gymnastics and dancing. I started out with free weights early with the guidance of a employee at the gym. I soon got the drive to get strong and training was my main interest for a couple of years. I was also very aware of the importance of food to build muscle so eating has never been an issue for me. I love food, always have. Strong has always been my truth.

As 16 I met the guy I would spend almost four years with. He was 29 years old and a police officer. I guess the both of us saw the relationship as something exciting in the beginning, but we became a couple soon and by the age of 17 I had moved out of home. My parents wasn`t pleased at first, but after 6 months they understood that they had no choice then to accept it. Even though I have wondered what life choices I would have made if we never met I look back at a good, adventures and happy time in my last years as a teen. I learned a lot about myself and life those years.

At 20 I met the man I still share my life with today. A man I fell for so hard! He rocked my world and he still does in a sense. After meeting him I have moved to Bergen (Norway), Uppsala (Sweden) and London, were we live now. We have been apart (separated) two times during our (almost) 15 years together. Once before the kids and one time after Gabriel, our oldest, was born. I guess we are ment to be and I can absolutely see myself grow old as a happy lady with this man. He has given me two wonderful kids and a third that still lives inside of me. A family, that`s what we are. A team as I like to call it.

After working as a hairdresser I worked in retail at MQ for some years before I got the opportunity to work as a Project Manager with business trips, leisure trips and workout trips. The move to London gave me the opportunity to start over and I now "work" as a stay at home mum, but with the drive to start something for myself with nutrition and training. My passion! Time will tell what is in store for me. First of all my focus is kid number three that is due in June. I plan to take you with me on my journey back into shape after Penelope is born. So if you are interested, maybe need some inspiration or just curious you follow me here or on social media.

The summer of 2017, before I got pregnant.