• Henriette Sjölund

Got myself a crew of little troopers!

I turn 35 this summer. My husband thinks I act more like 21, and I take that 100% as a compliment! Ever since I was 20 I have looked back at my life 5 years at a time. 15 year old, 20 year, 25, 30 and now I turn 35. After a 5 year period I have asked myself, life the last 5 years, would I believe the things that has happened if someone would have told me before? And the answer is always "Hell no!" I love that! So freakin exciting :D Try it out. How has your life envolved? Alot of surprises or have you had everything planned for the last decade or more?

I have experienced so much in my life, met so many different people and learned that you can live a meaningful life by beeing open for what`s new, be true to yourself and don`t be judgemental. Every person has their own story. I`m not a gold seeker, that`s not for me. I just wanna be happy. I have now spent two years in London with my family. Life changed.

I don`t work as I did back home and that`s the first time since I was 13 years old. I have always worked. Next to school of course in my teens.

I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to start all over. That has lead me to what I will do this term. I`m gonna train some kids at school once a week. I have trained some of the teachers since fall and I will continue to do that as well. It`s not much, but for me it`s very meaningful. To give people energi, make them tear down their bounderies or at lest push them, that gives me so much joy. Cause I know how positive the effect is on life in all. A stronger body creates a stronger mind. And now I get to see kids grow in that sense. I`m pumped! Today I prepared their first session, my little troopers :D Monday. The day I start creating stronger bodies and minds! And the little one growing inside me gets to be a part of it all. What a great way to start life.