• Henriette Sjölund

First session done!

Yesterday I had my first session with my little troopers and the first session with my teachers for this term. 18 little troopers chose "Henriettes fitness and health" for their after school activity. Wow! They are 10-13 years old. When I said yes to do this it was more of a spontaneous yes like, that can be fun. When I thought about it I felt a responsibility to be what they expect, what they need and to hopefully be more. A opportunity for me to leave a mark. A mark that says power, happy, self-esteem. I asked the troopers what they expected of our sessions. Training or play? The answer was loud and clear. Training! And that was what we did. A circuit with five different stations. They were so strong, so committed. It makes me very happy to think about our next 14 Mondays. All the things we`re gonna learn, all the power we`re gonna use, all the laughs we`re gonna share and not to forget, all the high fives we`re gonna tackle. Double high fives, always. Lots of them!

And I have to mention my teachers. They came in, first session of the year and killed it! Focused, strong, determined. Simply bad ass. I can throw anything at them. They just do it, like Nike. Power teachers is what I call them, because they are nothing less. It`s gonna be a good term. A freakin strong one!

Myself, I haven`t worked out since Saturday, so I feel the energy bursting inside. Tomorrow I`m letting the energies flow. It`s gonna burn!