• Henriette Sjölund

Be careful, don`t lift heavy!

I originally wrote this text on the 18th of October 2017, but because of some issues with my homepage I started all over again with a new set up. Therefor I`m re-writing the text today. Now ceveral weeks after I`m glad I have found myself in the gym again. Here we go...

I´m pregnant. Early. This is what everyone tells me regarding my workouts. "Be careful, don`t lift heavy!" I hate it. And at the same time I`m afraid of doing something that will make it go away. I had an early miscarriage, before I got pregnant again the month after, so I`m pretty sure it will stick this time. Speaking from experience (times two). But I can`t fight the feeling inside, what if... By the way, what is to heavy? That is what I do, I lift heavy. I feel lost in the gym if I can`t give it my all. So I have given myself this week to rest, take walks and focus on my studies and homepage. A week were I mentally can accept that it`s ok to change it up. It`s probably good for my body, pregnant or not. My plan is to make a workout schedule so I know exactly what I`m doing in the gym every day. I usually decide on the go. The more spontaneous type for sure. I like that, but now I have to listen to the feelings inside and my body. Next week when I go in to the gym I`m gonna feel great! Not lost. High rep with lower weights. Pilates. Recovery. That`s on the schedule.