• Henriette Sjölund

List of facts - 9 months post birth

Today Penelope has lived her life outside of my womb longer than she was cooking inside of me. 1 day more. She is 9 months today and she "fell out" of me one day before duedate. So I think this is a suiteble time to look at some facts.

Weight: Aprox same as before pregnancy

Shoe size: Halv a size bigger

Muscles: Let`s not talk about it (less...big time)

Ass: Before pregnancy it was Norway, during pregnancy it became Denmark and now it`s Sweden. I`m optimistic about the future

Grey hairs: What the fuck!

Stretch marks: Let`s just say she left her mark

Belly button: Before three kids, really pleased. After three kids, trainwreck!

Boobs: Still serving. Update when they have done their job. Guessing, not perky

Hours of sleep: 67`ish (Happy to be alive)

Weekends away by myself: 2 (It`s called survival)

Hugs and kisses: A million. Penelope that is. Andreas, your turn will come.

Tears: More then usual

Furious mood bombs: A couple

Laughs: A lot more than the mood bombs so happy about that

Size of my heart: Bigger then ever before

Fucks given: Zero

Things and plans forgotten: OMG. Yes, everyday, all the time.

Times at the gym: Way less than I thought by this time. But It`s ok. I`ll get there.

Back fat: Still fucking there (picture proof further down)

Number of chocolates eaten: 89798679843796879027693859023738946743673

Nights out with the girls: Maybe five. It was fun! Every time. That I remember

Dates: 2. Andreas both times. Luvluvluv

9 months after I am both the happiest ever and at the same time I`m surviving life. Balans feels very far away right now, but as long as I laugh more then I get angry/frustrated/worried/sad I`m fine with that. I know that my time will come. Work, education, training, sleep, Andreas&I, creativity, energy. Stuff like that. It will come. Life is mostly about my kids now. And that is also a gift. To be able to have that time. I remind myself. Not everyone can. Before I know it they will be all over the place and I will have all the time in the world to pursue my dreams. Cause I have dreams. And I strongly believe I have alot to offer this world. Since I was a kid I have always belived I will achieve something big. That is something I still strongly believe. I don`t know when or what, and that is so exciting! Today I will pick up my kids from school, make dinner and help with homework, hang a wash and watch something on Netflix with Andreas when all three have gone to bed. That will have to be enough for today. Some hugs on top of that. Yes, it`s ok.