I`m Henriette, a sucker for training and nutrition.

I am a girl that have always been curious of what life has to offer. A YES person so to speak. So far my life journey has taken me from my hometown Oslo in Norway to Bergen, Uppsala in Sweden, London and last but not least Boston in the US. My journey is shared with the love of my life and our three kids. 

I have been able to focus a lot on my training, nutrition and wellbeing. Training has been my focus, but I`m in the process of digging deeper in to nutrition. With good nutrition comes better results of your training. And of course maximizing the hours I spend in the gym with good nutrition is in my interest. I believe that you make your own happiness and for me that is very important. If I´m happy the people around me will benefit and be happier as well. The endorphins and the wellbeing training and good nutrition creates is priceless! This page is for you who wants to join my journey through life, training and nutrition. Let`s be happy together!